More About Dr. Brazzle

Dr. Chris Brazzle is an innovative, inspiring and ambitious transformational leader. Dr. Brazzle has authored three books, From Class Clown to Principal, Outlier Leadership and with his latest book, Thriving After High School, he hopes to encourage young people as they prepare to begin life in the real world.

When Dr. Brazzle published Outlier Leadership in 2019, it instantly became a Best Seller and a #1 Hot New Release. In 2020, Outlier Leadership was nominated for the Best Self-Help of the year.

Dr. Brazzle has been educating the future leaders of America for the past two decades. He has worked with students of all kinds teaching them his favorite subject, Math and about life in general.

He is a husband and father who loves to travel, loves watching basketball, loves telling jokes and making people laugh and loves making a huge impact in people lives.

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