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Thriving After High School

We assume that once we graduate from high school, all is well. But truth is, transitioning from adolescent to adulthood is a major developmental challenge for everyone. Rather than making choices in the blink of an eye, Dr. Chris Brazzle writes an insightful letter in this stunning book about life and relationships. Featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Huffington Post, Google News, The Wall Street Journal and a host of other channels.

Outlier Leadership

Imagine you had a blueprint – a designed plan that highlighted the necessary steps to transform your leadership. Dr. Chris Brazzle outlines leadership principles which helps you stand out as a leader, improve your leadership, and points you in the right direction towards becoming an outlier leader.

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“Effort is Everything”; “Do…So you can…” “Outlier Leadership”; “Preparation Based Leadership”

“I love that you started with your humble beginnings which makes Thriving After High School relatable to many young men like yourself. It’s an easy read. I, myself, feel motivated after reading this book to make sure my own kids use this advice to be set up for success after graduating high school.”

Brian Washington, Business Consultant

Outstanding! Outstanding! Outstanding! As you read and reflect on the words in this book, ask yourself, is this me? Am I this story? How can I shape my destiny? Live and learn.”

Brady, First Vice State Director Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


Dr. Chris Brazzle is a Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker and Educator based in Houston, TX.

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